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Assets for our Team Partners


This page is intended to help you access everything you need to ensure a seamless onboarding process and a successful season of fan engagement and sponsor satisfaction.

Click on the below topics to jump right to the info you need.  (If the topic is not yet linked, it is coming very shortly so please check back!):


Sponsor Sales

Onboard Sponsors

Ensure Satisfaction



Digital Assets

In-Season, In-Stadium



Game Moderation

Tip Cards and Canvassers

PA Sample Scripts

Data - View and Export

Sponsor Sales

Download our Editable Sponsor Pitch Deck

1)  Download the Power Point file.  Click on the orange PPT icon to get the file.  

(We included the PDF here for your reference in case formatting differs on your computer)


2)  Enter your specific package pricing for sponsors on page 8.


3)  Feel free to change out any photos and/or add your team logo.


4)  Save as a PDF and send to your potential sponsors. 

5)  Let us know if you need any help or have any questions!

Pricing Strategies and Sponsorship Packages

You can price and package your sponsorships in any way that works best for your team.  You keep 100% of all sponsorship revenue.  Here are a few ways we recommend:

1.  Have 3 Title Sponsors

Micro Fantasy divides your 9 inning home games into 3 contests with 3 prize winners.  (Double headers will have 2 contests per game = 4 contests per night).  Have the same 3 sponsors take one contest per home game throughout the entire season.  We'll automatically rotate who gets which contest each night, ensuring equal fan exposure across the season.

Recommended package pricing per sponsor is at least $1 per fan based on your average home game attendance. (Your net profit will be at at least $2 per fan.)

2.  Multi-Game Packages

Create packages of 5-10 home games.  If your season has about 60 home games, consider 6 sponsors with 10 games each.  If your season has about 30 home games, consider 6 sponsors with about 5 games each. 

Recommended package pricing per sponsor is at least $.75 per fan based on your avg. home game attendance.  (If you have 6 sponsors, your net profit will be at least $3.50 per fan.) 

3.  One Title Sponsor for the Entire Season

Recommended package pricing is at least $3 per fan based on your avg. home game attendance.  (Net profit will be at least $2 per fan).  

Types of Companies that Sponsor Micro Fantasy

Just need to talk to us for a minute?  Click to schedule a touch-base.


Pre-Season Promotion

Letting your fans know they can play Micro Fantasy during your live games is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to ensure a successful season.  Here, you can easily access and download all of our digital assets in order to promote your new fan experience across your website and social profiles.

Please include our social handles and hashtags in your posts (and we'll do the same for yours!):


#MicroFantasy    #PredictWatchWin    #PickYourPlay

Facebook:  @MicroFantasyBaseball

Twitter:  @PredictWatchWin

Instagram:  @PredictWatchWin

Digital Assets

The sections below link directly to shared Google Folders from which you can download a variety of Micro Fantasy logo formats and ready-made social posts.  If you can't access the folder, try having someone on your team who has a Gmail address access it.  Let us know if you have any issues.

JPGs (white background) and PNGs (background removed) in Black, White and Full Color. 

Social Posts

Graphics to post on social & your website.  Feel free to add your logo.  New graphics added often.


Onboard your Sponsors

We will need the following information from each of your sponsors:

  1. URL (website address) that they want their logo to be linked to.

  2. Sponsor Logo in .PNG format with transparent background.  Logo should be the shape of a wide horizontal rectangle and fit within dimensions proportional to 175 pixels wide x 38 pixels high.  Minimum resolution should be 226dpi.  

  3. Sponsor may provide 1-2 additional graphics that they would like to display in rotation with their logo.  Full banner width ad space must fit within 320 pixels wide x 45 pixels high. 

  4. A schedule of your home games that outlines which companies are sponsoring which games / contests. 

Please email this info for all of your sponsors to Joel@MicroFantasy.com by 30 days prior to opening day.  (If you are still adding some sponsors early in the season, that's okay, but we do need to begin uploading most of your sponsor information by 30 days prior to opening day). 



Back to the top


We can sync up to these third party stats providers to provide automated game moderation for your fans:  Pointstreak and StatCrew.  We are currently working on syncing up with MLBAM.

However, a time delay can exist when syncing up with these providers, so we highly recommend teams assign an intern or your scoreboard operator to update the game via the app or website.  Here's how:

We'll get in touch with you 2-4 weeks prior to your opening day to provide you with your login credentials and train several of your team members on our simple moderation process.  

Need to talk before then?  Click to schedule a touch-base.

Game Moderation: Score Keeper


Click these front and back images for access to the high res, editable In Design program files.  

In the red section at the bottom of the editable file, insert your team logo on the left and your sponsor's logo on the right as shown in the example.

Email joel@microfantasy.com if you need any help.

Having a few interns canvas the stands with these printed tip cards before and during the 1st inning is THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD to get the most fans to play each night.


This also adds value to your sponsorships since canvassers will be having conversations with your fans.  All it takes is one tip card per group of fans and a conversation like the following. 


"We have a free contest tonight using your phone to predict each at bat.  A new winner every 3 innings gets a [sponsored prize from sponsor] & recognized on the loud speaker as Micro Fantasy Champion.  Here’s how to join [hand tip card].”"

Printed Tip Cards and Distribution to Fans