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Activities for Seniors

Micro Fantasy is a great addition to your group activities schedule

“It was thrilling to witness the excitement between the residents as they engaged with each other and the new technology,” stated Marie Day, Activity Director at The Oaks of Brecksville.  "Residents rooted for each other and cheered until the final play!”

Micro Fantasy can be played on any smartphone or laptop!

Baby Boomers - Tech Savvy and Tired of Bingo!
  • An influx of Baby Boomers are entering into retirement and assisted living. 

  • Baby Boomers are no longer satisfied with traditional entertainment options.

  • Baby Boomers are much more tech savvy, and used to digital forms of engagement.

"It provided residents with lots of laughs, memories and fulfilling entertainment!"

Read the article published in Brecksville Magazine

Assisted Living Centers, Retirement Communities, Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing Homes

Micro Fantasy is a stimulating  alternative to traditional recreational activities like bingo, card games and television watching.
Watch this video to learn what the experience is like!
  • Improves quality of life with social gaming, connection to outside world (play against family and friends from home.
  • Rekindles positive emotions and memories of spectating experiences in the past.
  • No accounts or sign up required for individual users.
  • Connect your entire network of facilities with private contest channels, multiple sports, and customizable contest schedules.
  • Offering the activity becomes a marketing differentiator for attracting new residents.
  • Just one touch to predict the next play!
  • Large buttons are easy to see and read!
  • Game is self-moderating, so no additional staff is required to set up or play.
  • Teaches non-sports fans how the game is played!
  • Play on computer, ipad or smartphone.
Technology that's
easy to see
and quick to learn
Learn how to implement Micro Fantasy into your organization's activity schedule!
Let us know what questions you have and we'll get back to you right away!