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A Baseball Family by Matt Keough

September 19, 2016

Our family of six are what you could call a "baseball family." My wife, Joyce, and I met as a blind date at an Indians game. Our four boys all have played baseball and I have coached. When we are not participating, we enjoy watching games on TV or at the ballpark. One of our favorite teams is the Lake County Captains. This is where we first learned about Micro Fantasy Baseball. Joyce was the first to download the app and I soon followed.


I wouldn't say we are an ultra-competitive couple, but I soon saw how playing along at a game could make the experience a little more fun, in that each play would give one of us a chance to "win", and I was right. Part of the fun is that Joyce and I usually sit on opposite ends of the row of seats we have. Our back and forth seems to amuse those around us.


What I didn't plan was that the boys sitting nearest either parent would appoint themselves bench coaches and get invested in Mom or Dad's pick. (Maybe we are more competitive than I admit!). Micro Fantasy Baseball is a good vehicle for parents to introduce some of the subtle points of watching baseball and gaming strategy to kids. "I am going with ground out because there is a man on first and the chance of a force is better..." or "I'm choosing hit by pitch because there are only three batters left and I am way behind your mother..."


Two games stand out for me. I had never won at a round at a Captains game and was lurking near the top. for the second round. It was a low scoring round, so there was no need for Triples or Hit by Pitches. In the bottom of the sixth my son sitting next to me was in the zone and making good picks. (Of the four boys, he is the least baseball obsessed, so Micro Fantasy is a good add-on to the fan experience for him.) With the last out - a ground out the boy called - WE WON! Winning is good, but doing it as a team is even better.













Another memorable game was late in the season and Joyce was getting on a hot streak in one game, but never quite got in first place. She and the first place player were sometimes picking the same plays so there was always a little gap. What made it really fun it Joel from Micro Fantasy pointed out the first place player was just one section over. We could see each others reactions each batter. With two outs in the bottom of the last inning for that round Joyce got the lead! In her excitement she jumped out of her seat and yelled "YES!". Fans around her were giving high fives. Only problem was there was one more batter. That at bat seemed to take forever. In the end she held on and won. She wears the family crown of most wins in a season.




We are looking forward to next season and trying to do our own custom games. Maybe I'll even buy a little plastic trophy for her and try to win it back next year.














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