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Tosh the Sox Fan - ALDS Game 1

October 13, 2016

Meet the Fans 10/8/2016: This is Tosh (not Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0). He's a die hard Boston Red Sox fan flying out to Cleveland for Game 1 of the American League Division Series because he "had to".


"I watched the prices on flights then pulled the trigger but had to fly through Atlanta to get here. I've got today and tomorrow off from working in juvenile corrections - with the worst of the worst. Yeah, I'm came by myself to cheer on my team because this is our year and Papi's last."


Any interesting memories from your baseball life?


"So, I was living in Oregon in 2008 and went to a Mariners/Yankees game with my family. My little brother was maybe 10 and I was 14 when we went to the Cheese Cake factory for dinner. We bumped into Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Jason Giambi while by brother was wearing his 2004 Red Sox World Series tshirt. But those guys were all cool about it & gave us autographs, probably because we were only kids. Haha."


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