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Fans now EXPECT to stay connected while in your stadium

November 27, 2017

What was once a Millennial gripe - not having access to WiFi - is now an expectation across most demographics. And stadiums across the sports spectrum have been rushing to ensure they are WiFi enabled. 


"[In 2014] In order to keep millennials coming to live events, that generation expected fast WiFi connectivity in stadiums... [Now] Everyone, regardless of age expects seamless connectivity at a game, concert or other entertainment event."


This is according to TechRepublic.com, in an article discussing the widespread adoption of high speed connectivity in the NFL:



 The New England Patriots agree: "There's an expectation from fans. Being connected through their device is their expectation whether it's music or sports. They want to download information to enhance what they're doing, they want to share with friends. They want to be connected with the outside world. If you don't have good connectivity it might not destroy the event but it detracts from it. We want to make sure we've done everything in our power to make the event as good as it can be," said Fred Kirsch, publisher and vice president of content for the team.




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