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Ease your social media posting burden with branded, automatic posts from Micro Fantasy

January 29, 2018

Many teams struggle with how to leverage tweets and Facebook posts to their advantage.  Whether its from a shortage of marketing staff or trying to figure out the types of posts that will get fans retweeting and sharing, mastering the art of social media can be a challenge for teams with limited budgets. 


In addition to enhancing the fan experience and adding tangible value to sponsorship packages, Micro Fantasy is proud to announce we now alleviate social media stress by automatically publishing professionally branded posts and tweets for each of our teams several times per game!  This added (and much requested!) benefit will now be included in our service package for no additional fees.  



Benefits include:

  • Contest winner notifications are branded for each team and it's sponsors.

  • Micro Fantasy will automatically post to your social feeds 3 times per game with no labor required on behalf of the team.

  • Further engage your fans with recognition of their victories, resulting in more retweets and social sharing by fans.

  • Raise awareness of the fun and excitement of your in-stadium fan experience. 

  • Monetize your social feeds with meaningful posts branded for your sponsors during peak game times .

  • Branded content that your sponsors will retweet and share to their networks to further expand your reach!

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