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Fight fire with fire: How mobile fan engagement beats the smartphone distraction at games

August 18, 2018

Sports organizations nation-wide are scurrying to keep fans engaged in the game (versus their phones).  This eludes to the greater issue of keeping attendance of sporting events high in lieu of other entertainment options.


Every coach or general manager can attest to looking up into the stands and seeing fans glued to their phones.  Mobile fan engagement, like prediction contests offered by Micro Fantasy, keeps fans invested in the game. 


The benefits of increased digital attention on the game include:

  • More entertainment value - from kids racing on-field to t-shirt cannons, adding a level of friendly competition amongst fans via a mobil app appeals to a broad audience.

  • Increased sponsorship exposure.  A clickable sponsor logo is consistently shown throughout the app for front-of-mind awareness of your fans.

  • Sell more concessions.  When fans are actively involved in the game - cheering more, moving more - that increases their appetite!  PA mentions can and should be incorporated to remind fans to celebrate.

  • A more personal relationship:  When your fans are also competing for glory, it adds more opportunities to recognize winners via PA mentions in-stadium and on social media.  


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