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Case Study: How the Terre Haute Rex hit a home run with their season-long sponsor.

August 28, 2018

Alorica, a global CRM software provider, invested in a 2 month marketing campaign with the Terre Haute Rex, a summer collegiate baseball team with an average home game attendance of 950+ fans, located 75 miles west of Indianapolis, IN.  


And boy did those Rex deliver!



Not only did they snag the Prospect League 2018 Championship this August, the Rex dazzled their tech-company sponsor with some undeniable digital exposure through the Micro Fantasy program that was nothing short of a home run!


 - 531 hours of consistent, clickable mobile exposure.

 - Fans played 1066 sponsored contests for an average of 30 mins each.  

 - Over 15 hours of quantified advertising per game, including mobile exposure, PA announcements, and other inventory, such as the on-field interview in the video below.



Additionally, the Rex collected valuable data from verified unique users, including how long and often each fan played. 


This info can be used by the team to:

 - Sell more season tickets and group sales,

 - Determine highs and lulls of each game to promote concessions at the right time.

 - Identify SuperFans and regular players, and more!




Ready to create a Micro Fantasy title sponsorship with a company in your area?  Contact karri@microfantasy.com for more info.






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