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Don't Just Collect Emails, Identify Super Fans

September 20, 2018

Digital fan engagement and mobile apps are dramatically changing the sports fan spectating experience and how teams are developing their fan loyalty programs.  The data gained from users, including how long and how often they participate in a digital play-by-play fan contest like Micro Fantasy can be used to help identify more potential season ticket holders and stay connected with fans in ways that matter personally to them.
Not only does Micro Fantasy provide teams with a channel to collect more verified fan emails, it also helps teams identify a new core fan base that is digitally connected and loyal to the team.
For example, of all the baseball fans who downloaded the Micro Fantasy app during the summer of 2018:
  • 65% played more than once 
  • 17% played more than 10 contests
  • 51% were engaged with the play by play action for longer than 1 hr.
  • 17% accumulated more than 5 hours of play across 2 months.
  • 4% revealed themselves as die-hard fans, accumulating more than 24 hours of engagement time across approximately 30 games.
This information gives teams incredible insight into how to market to these new groups of enthusiastic fans.  It also provides sponsors with valuable data as to just how effective their marketing campaigns were in reaching potential customers.  
Want to learn more about implementing Micro Fantasy into your game-day experience?  Email Karri@MicroFantasy.com.
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