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What types of corporate partners are interested in sponsoring the Micro Fantasy fan experience?

September 24, 2018

Fans of local teams are energized, loyal and engaged, and make ideal potential customers that corporate partners want to advertise to. 



But companies are wanting more than outfield signage or ads in programs.  They want to attach their names to experiences that feel authentic and make the fan feel good, thus fostering a positive, familiar awareness of that company's brand.  And they want to be able to measure their results to determine which advertising strategies are converting the most customers.    


Micro Fantasy helps teams create even more high-fiving moments and delivers powerful data on fan usage, so teams no longer need to guess which sponsorship inventories are performing best for their corporate partners.  


Types of companies that have identified Micro Fantasy as an ideal marketing platform to advertise with local sports organizations include:

  • Global software providers.

  • Neighborhood bars & grills, ice cream shops

  • National chain restuarants

  • Car dealerships

  • Shopping Centers

  • Radio stations

  • Home improvement, supply, and service providers

  • Local opticians

  • Regional casinos

  • Hotels (local and national brands)

  • Banks (local and national brands)

  • Sports team merchandise stores

Interested in adding Micro Fantasy to your fan experience?  Contact Karri@MicroFantasy.com for more info.

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