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What do corporate partners expect from sports sponsorships in 2019?

November 29, 2018


Keyword: Measurable ROI.


Center field signs still serve a purpose by providing constant logo placement in front of hundreds or thousands of fans, but there's no way for companies to determine exactly how that sign impacted their business.  In this age of digital analytics, conversion is what matters.  How many clicks did that ad drive to the website?  How many customers redeemed that promo code?  How many emails were collected from that point of service? 


If companies can measure the effects of their advertising and marketing investments, they are more likely to renew those agreements.  And local/regional sports teams make ideal promotional partners for companies because their fanbase is local, identifiable, and highly engaged.


Even as stadiums are updated with advanced media and augmented reality to provide fans with greater entertainment value, the smartphone is still the most direct conduit to digitally interact with these individuals.  Mobile apps provide teams and companies with more robust user data than ever, which can be used to refine products and strategies to better serve their customers.


In addition to being able to measure ROI, companies are also most interested in driving more customers to retail, lead generation, increasing brand sentiment and fostering goodwill in the community, and improving/maintaining employee morale and commitment, according to this article from Front Office Sports.


To learn how Micro Fantasy can help your organization provide these benefits to your corporate partners, please email Karri@MicroFantasy.com.  


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