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Most Frequent Comment from Youth Baseball League Directors: "This could keep parents from yelling at our umpires!"

January 4, 2019

While exhibiting at the ABCA convention in Dallas this January, one comment seemed to be expressed over and over again, no matter which Youth Baseball League Director was demoing our digital fan experience at the time.  "Hey!  This could distract our parents from scolding our umpires!"


Youth sports organizers are realizing that enthusiastic parents can channel that parental pride into the fun and competition that a digital sports fan engagement experience brings to the bleachers. 


Because Micro Fantasy prediction contests don't rely on national sports broadcasts like other sports fantasy apps, any team from youth to the majors can facilitate mobile fan prediction contests, even if your fanbase is just 20 dedicated parents cheering in lawn chairs along the fence.  


So even if that umpire called a strike on a far outside pitch, fans who predicted "Strike Out" will still have something to celebrate.


So if your high school sports program, youth travel league, or mega tournament organization wants to keep umpires and referees feeling a little more appreciated, consider the power of mobile fan prediction contests by Micro Fantasy and contact Karri@MicroFantasy.com for more information.

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