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Survey says, "Improving your stadium experience is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to increasing fan equity"

March 29, 2019


According to the Gensler Research Institute, who completed a survey of NFL teams and their fans titled "Win or Lose" in 2016, "a good or great game-day environment can be the difference between highly engaged fans and lackluster ones."


It elaborated to say that teams with highly ranked stadiums experience a higher fan equity (more valuable fans) than franchises who have poorly ranked stadiums.  And even argues that "teams with better-ranked stadiums also enjoy better winning percentages,"


This is why it's so important to invest in your in-stadium experience, whether through high-tech infrastructure, offering more entertainment and alternative activity options throughout the stadium, or adding a digital, interactive fan experience like Micro Fantasy that increases fan engagement.


Read the study, then schedule a demo to learn how Micro Fantasy can help you increase your fan equity by improving your in-stadium experience.   


 - Karri Ann Frerichs

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