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Sports fan engagement is "the whole package" in 2019

April 8, 2019


With the constant rise of technology in sports, teams are constantly looking for new and exciting ways their get fans more involved in the game.  Whether it’s being up on the jumbotron or going down to the field of play, fans love connecting with their favorite sports teams. 


In 2019, it's easier than ever to connect with players, teams and other fans.  There is a level of competitiveness in us all that makes us send out that tweet or post something on Facebook.  This is why sports can be so amazing as strangers and friends can share a common connection.


Attending live sporting events gives people a chance to get out of the house and experience some action that gets their adrenaline pumping.  Since most spectators will have their smartphone in hand, using it to interact with the game and their favorite players on the field (whether through taking photos, posting to social media, using a team's app, or looking up stats online) is a near-certainty in 2019.


If sports fans find themselves at a game that hosts Micro Fantasy, their fan experience could be exponentially more fun and entertaining.  Fans will get directly involved in the live action by predicting what the next play will be using the Micro Fantasy app or online.  For example, if a father and son are playing Micro Fantasy at a baseball game, if one of them thinks the batter will hit a single and the other thinks it will be a fly-out, the fan who gets it right will start a winning streak. This friendly competition keeps kids and adults engaged in the game for longer, rooting harder for their predictions to come true, and ultimately making them more hungry and more loyal because of the exciting fan experience.


The best part about going to a live sporting event is enjoying yourself and being with great co-workers, friends and family.  Sports organization need to create memories and lasting impressions with the fans in the stadium in order to increase fan equity.   To learn how Micro Fantasy can help your organization provide this type of digital fan experience, please email Karri@MicroFantasy.com.


  --Dustin Connors

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