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How can teams and sponsors benefit from the data that a digital fan experience can provide?

May 7, 2019

Every advertising channel, whether it's Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, local radio or billboards, needs to prove its worth in building brand awareness and converting customers for companies to continue investing in that channel.  


Incorporating a digital fan experience that offers a robust data suite on fan usage, like Micro Fantasy, into your game-day experience can reveal valuable insights for both the team and its sponsors.  


Teams can identify various fan segments and use this information to increase fan engagement and grow its fan loyalty programs.  Sponsors can measure the exact reach into its target audience, increase inbound clicks and customer conversion as fans redeem prizes and promo codes.  


Having this data helps teams create strategies to increase fan equity (the bottom line value of each fan) and capture and retain new fans as digital experiences attract new audiences.


To learn how Micro Fantasy can help your sports organization, please Schedule A Demo here.  


  - Karri Ann Frerichs

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