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7 Predictions for How Tech will Change Sports in 2018

January 15, 2018

Number 4 on that list by SportTechie.com is "Predictive Games will be adopted by more teams." 


It discusses how the New York Jets and Sacramento Kings have implemented a predictive gaming mobile fan experience to enhance their "fully interactive" in-stadium experience.  


In the case of these big-league teams, this involves installing a network of in-stadium beacons and other infrastructure investments.   Teams without big-league budgets, however, do have an easier solution to offer an equally compelling predictive gaming fan experience with an app like Micro Fantasy.


Whereas the Jets and the Kings have chosen a company to solve this issue through installing in-stadium hardware, Micro Fantasy hooks up with each team's real-time statistics provider to offer a seamless and easy one-click-prediction interface that fans of all ages and interest levels get excited about. 


Learn what Micro Fantasy would look like for your team.



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