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Add Micro Fantasy to your Fan Experience

Teams and Leagues

Colleges and Universities

Today's fans have changed, and your game day experience must be more dynamic to keep their attention.


With Micro Fantasy prediction contests, fans can use their smartphones to become part of the action.

“I really enjoyed the game. In fact, I usually watch part of the game and then read on my reader  I WATCHED the entire game! Oh, my!”  Linda Jeffries - June 6, 2018

Energize your Fans

Adds a layer of friendly competition to the game that keeps fans invested in the outcome of each play.

Creates incentive opportunities to increase attendance and boost concession and merchandise sales.

Teams see an average of 326 predictions made by fans each game.

The average user makes 113 predictions during one season.

The average time spent in the app per user = 42 mins per game.

Helps to identify regular players and SuperFans with qualified data.  

Innovative Sponsorship Inventory

Provide experiential marketing opportunities for your sponsors.  Create an interactive stadium experience to keep your organization competitive with other events and venues in your area.  Simple widget integration into your existing app and/or broadcast feeds.

Listen to how one team integrates Micro Fantasy into their sponsorship program.  Conversation starts at 0:20.

The digital fan experience (as shown while streaming the game online).  The in-stadium experience adds an even greater level of excitement.

Micro Fantasy is incredibly easy for your score keeper to moderate in-stadium and can even be hooked up to your real-time stats provider for an automated experience.

How it Works

Easily Integrates into Existing Inventory

Deliver Trackable Impressions and Drive Results

All logos in app are clickable to sponsor’s webpage.  Click-thru data available.

Create specific landing pages just for your fans to drive higher conversion.

Average page views per game = 862.

Average hours of sponsorship exposure per game = 11.2.

Fan participation rates as high as 10%  

Keep 100% of sponsorship revenue!

Increase Social Engagement

Create more opportunities to capture moments of meaningful social content.  

Fan recognition increases social sharing.

Customized winner badges may be automatically posted to social channels.

Leaderboards can be embedded into team website and live broadcasts.

Drive more traffic to team website and broadcast channels.

Learn even more by visiting our Best Practices page

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the Micro Fantasy app be integrated into my existing app?

A. Yes. The Micro Fantasy app was developed using a web based architecture to allow simple integration into team or university apps, websites, tv displays, streaming broadcasts, and more.


Q. Is gambling facilitated through the Micro Fantasy app?

A. No. Micro Fantasy is free to play and designed for fans of all ages. It is a marketing platform to enhance the game day experience with no in-app purchases.


Q. Do fans need to be in attendance to participate in contests?

A. Fans can participate from anywhere, including in-stadium or via TV, online streaming and radio broadcasts and entering predictions via the Micro Fantasy mobile or web app.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of sponsorships a team or University can sell?

A. Sponsorships can be sold in any way that allows the team or University to maximize its ROI.  Sponsorships have been sold on a per-game basis, in multiple-game bundles, or one sponsor for the entire season.   Micro Fantasy can support any sized batch for your sponsor package.

Q. Who provides prizes for contest winners?

A. Sponsors typically provide their products or gift cards as giveaways, although teams and Universities also can provide prizes in the form of tickets, concessions, or merchandise. Prizes per contest are kept to $10-$30 value.  However a great way to encourage season long participation is awarding a season MVP with the highest season point total a more valuable prize (e.g., $500 VISA gift card).


Q. Are team or University personnel required to facilitate contest operation?

A. No. Contest operation is automated. On-site staff need only to promote the app.  Distribution of the pre-game handouts (digital assets provided) during the 45 minutes before start of each game is essential to make fans aware of the app and drive contest participation.  PA scripts are also available.

Q. How is ROI measured & demonstrated?

A. All contest participation is tracked and distributed to teams at specified intervals during the season. Metrics include number of participants, duration of participation (per session), events (e.g., clicks to sponsor websites), demographics, prediction history, and more.

Q. Can teams or Universities utilize their own methods to promote contest participation & winners?

A. Absolutely! We encourage teams to integrate Micro Fantasy promotion into existing vehicles or create new promotional strategies. Micro Fantasy resources are available to help develop any assets required for contest promotion.


Q. Do stadiums need to be equipped with WIFI or other technology to host Micro Fantasy?

A. No.  Stadiums only need reliable cell phone service to host Micro Fantasy contests.  As long as fans can update their Facebook status, they can play Micro Fantasy!


Q. How much does Micro Fantasy cost?

A. Micro Fantasy is sold as an annual licensing fee.  This is an all-inclusive fee for contest operation & sponsor support.  Teams and Universities keep 100% of all sponsorship revenue.  Please contact Karri@MicroFantasy.com to learn more, or simply fill in your information in the form below and we will be in touch right away!

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